Midvale, UT + Springtime = Pretty Times


Midvale, UT + Springtime = Pretty Times


New Midvale Elementary School! Yay!

We are super excited about the new Midvale Elementary school that is going up right in our backyard at 7830 Chapel Street. If you haven’t had a chance to stop by, the ribbon cutting was on August 13th, 2012, and the first day of classes will be coming up next week on August 27th. We will post some pictures when they take down the surrounding fencing, but for now you can read more about it and see a photo at: http://www.midvalejournal.com/pages/full_story/11874/Midvale-Elementary-gears-up-for-new-school-year/.

Also, if you’re in the area this Saturday, they are in need of some extra helpers to help assemble desks before classes start. Yep, only 48 hours before classes start, will the shipment arrive at the school. Be there at 9 am with a screwdriver if you can help!

How Much Does a Massage Cost?

It’s pretty much agreed that a good massage can feel heavenly. Perhaps the only reason you don’t indulge in a regular massage is you’re worried about the average price of a massage. Keep reading to find out more about not only the average cost of massages, but also the different types of massages that are commonly offered in chiropractic offices (bear in mind that these massage prices are for the Salt Lake City, Utah area).

Massage Therapy Price for Salt Lake City Utah

How Much Does a Massage Cost?

The average cost for a non-spa massage at a chiropractic office is approximately one dollar a minute. Massages are usually sold in half hour increments (30, 60, or 90 minutes), however beware that there are some massage companies out there who advertise a 60 minute massage, but they are actually 50 minute massages with 10 minutes factored in for “dressing time”.

Massages at spas can vary and may cost considerably more, as much as $150 an hour. Massages in a spa setting tend to cost more due to higher overhead- think same massage in a fancier setting.

The price of a massage may vary depending on the type of massage.

Swedish Massage:

This European technique uses long, fluid strokes to calm the body, settle the mind, and restore lost energy. It is gentle, soothing and emphasizes relaxation. This is a good choice for anyone who is new to massage.

Deep Tissue Massage:

Deep, intensive holds and releases stimulate blood flow to restricted areas and relieve knotted muscles that are unable to fully release on their own. Ideal for severe or chronic muscle tightness. Occasionally, some soreness may result after treatment.

Hot Stone Therapy:

A therapeutic treatment utilizing the application of hot basalt river stones of varying sizes to key points on the body to create improved circulatory flow. This allows for a more intense manipulation of the tissues.

Pre-Natal Massage:

A relaxing treatment tailored specifically to alleviate the physical discomfort and fatigue related to the changing bodies of pregnant women. Trained therapists adjust their techniques to help improve circulation, diminish back and hip pain, relieve headaches, reduce leg cramps and swollen ankles and promote overall relaxation. Only available after first trimester of pregnancy.


This Eastern technique is based on stimulating specific pressure points on the feet that correspond to other areas and organs of the body. Used to help restore and maintain the body’s natural equilibrium by improving circulation, detoxification and reducing tension.


How Much Does A Chiropractic Visit Cost Without Insurance? Our New Practice Membership

We’re excited to announce a new way to save on Chiropractic care in the Salt Lake Valley: the Balanced Health Practice Membership. Practice Membership is a great way for individuals to have access to affordable chiropractic care without using their health insurance. If you’ve ever wondered if you could afford to see a Utah Chiropractor, this post is for you.

Becoming a Balanced Health Practice Member (or how much does a chiropractic visit cost without insurance):

At Balanced Health our mission is to provide our members with the best available chiropractic care. One way we are able to do this is through a Balanced Health Practice Membership.

Why should I become a Balanced Health Practice Member?
Lots of reasons! As a Practice Member you’ll have access to:

Members only pricing:
Practice Members receive a 50% discount on all chiropractic services:

  • Practice Membership includes initial consultation, complete examination (including orthopedic and neurologic evaluation), x-rays, and a written report of findings ($140 value).
  • Average price of subsequent office visit with Practice Member discount = $35

No insurance necessary:
Practice Members enjoy preferred pricing, all the time, without worry about insurance. That means no worrying about deductibles or running out of visits for the year. Also, Practice Members may request completed insurance forms, which may be submitted to their insurance company for consideration of reimbursement.

Family discount:
Practice Member’s children (17 and under) receive treatment for the price of their age.

Is that all?

Of course not! As a Practice Member you’ll also:

  • Receive access to additional content on the Practice Member page of the
  • http://www.getbalancedhealth.com website.
  • Earn rewards for recommending Balanced Health to friends and family.
  • Be entered into a monthly drawing for a one-hour massage.
  • Receive first invitation to after hours practice classes and events.

How much does it cost?
A one-time fee of $140 will cover your cost of membership.

How do I become a Balanced Health practice member?
It’s easy! Just sign up, and you’re in the club. Feel free to ask any questions you may have to any of our staff members.

How Much Does a Chiropractic Visit Cost?

Most first time chiropractic patients, and even those who have visited before, often wonder what the average cost of a chiropractic visit is. The cost of a chiropractic visit will depend on what type of appointment you are scheduling, as well as your location. The estimates below are based on chiropractic prices in and around the Midvale, Utah area (in Salt Lake County), however they are a good base estimate.

Average Chiropractic Visit Costs

Chiropractic visits are typically billed at the time of service. Some chiropractors will bill your insurance, but a typical visit can cost the same as or less than your insurance co-pay.

A typical visit to your chiropractor for an adjustment will cost between $25 – $100 on average. There are a lot of different types of services or modalities that can be offered by your doctor, which may in turn affect the price. For a “maintenance visit”, your cost is usually $25 – $75.

Chiropractic Monthly Membership 

The most affordable way to get the most “bang for your buck” for your chiropractic care is to sign up for a monthly membership. Much like a gym membership, a chiropractic membership allows a patient to be seen for a low monthly fee. Membership plans are likely the most affordable way to care for your neck, back and spine if you are planning on visiting a chiropractor more than once- which you likely should be. Most patients who are experiencing chronic pain will find that they need regular “maintenance” appointments. Unlimited chiropractic visits = you feeling good long term.

Our Monthly Membership:

Unlimited Personal Membership = $69/month
Unlimited Family Membership = $129/month

Perks of monthly membership include:

  • Unlimited visits
  • No appointment necessary
  • Month-to-month; no long-term commitment

If you do the math, your visits can cost as little as $2.75 if you are coming in every business day. This is by far the most affordable chiropractic option.


Initial Chiropractor Visit Cost and Description:

If you’re not lucky enough to live close to a chiropractic office offering a monthly plan, you’ll likely end up paying out of pocket for your initial chiropractic visit. An initial chiropractic visit will likely be your longest visit, and cover the most ground. An initial chiropractic visit can cover things like:

  • Initial Consultation
  • Complete Examination
  • Orthopedic and Neurologic Evaluation
  • Written Report of Findings

The average cost of your first chiropractic visit costs approximately $140 – $250. In some instances your initial visit may actually be split into two separate visits.

Follow Up Chiropractor Visit Cost and Description:

Once your doctor has had a chance to review the finding from your initial chiropractic visit, you will be seen for your follow visits. These visits may include a variety of services including:

  • Chiropractic Adjustment
  • Electrical Stimulation (aka ESTIM)
  • Traction Therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Muscular Reeducation Exercise
  • Ice or Heat Therapy

The cost of your follow up chiropractic visit will vary based on the items prescribed, but the average cost of your chiropractic visit will cost will be $25 – $75.

Chiropractic Care With Insurance

Many traditional health insurance policies “cover” some portion of your chiropractic care, however they usually only cover a limited number of visits. Unfortunately most health insurance plans do not cover a significant portion of the cost of chiropractic visits, and thus most of the cost is left to the patient to pay out of pocket.

How to Find Utah Massage Coupons…Now!

Utah Therapeutic Massage Coupons for One Hour Massages

Are you looking for a good deal on a therapeutic massage here in the Salt Lake Valley? Located in the central part of the Wasatch Front in Midvale, Utah, Balanced Health Chiropractic and Massage is offering a coupon for the month of January 2012: a one hour massage for $45. Say what?!? Yep, it’s true, so click ‘n print the image below and call our office at 801-748-0056 to schedule your appointment. Don’t forget that weekend and evening appointments are available. Also, don’t forget that our therapeutic massage therapist, Gretchen Cheney, rules and you’re going to love your massage!

Massage Coupons for Midvale, Sandy, Salt Lake City Utah

Balanced Health Chiropractic: From Salt Lake to Las Vegas

Dr. Eric Cheney travels from Salt Lake City for the world’s largest chiropractic seminar:

What was Balanced Health Chiropractic and Massage doing traveling from Salt Lake CIty to Las Vegas this past week? Dr Eric Cheney had the opportunity to attend the Parker Seminars in Las Vegas. Over the past 60 years, Parker has become one of the world’s largest chiropractic seminar organizations.

Chiropractic and Back Pain Take-Aways:

The seminars included an exciting line-up of volunteer speakers who are experts from around the world. Some of the biggest names in chiropractic provide their expertise on a variety of subjects, helping us to keep up to date with the latest research and developments in the field.
After an event loaded with practical tools and inspiration, Dr. Cheney is excited to get back to work and to better serve the community and amazing people here in Midvale.

Accident Injury Care in Utah: Chiropractors and Massage Therapists

It can be tough deciding what Utah Chiropractor to choose after you’ve experienced an auto-accident related injury. Chances are you don’t feel that well, and you want to find a convenient office with accommodating appointments. Problem solved! Balanced Health Chiropractic and Massage specializes in providing the necessary (and gentle!) care you need to treat your auto-accident related injury. We’ll provide the necessary chiropractic care, and sometimes massage therapy care, depending on your neck or spine injury.

Here’s what you need to do to schedule your chiropractic appointment after your auto accident:

1. Contact our office at 801-748-0056 to schedule your appointment. We’ll even schedule your appointment on a weekend, evening, or during your lunch hour- whatever it takes to get you feeling better quickly.

2. Come to our office at:

44 W. 7200 S.
(the NW corner of 7200 S. State Street)
Midvale, UT 84047

3. Bring your claim number from your auto accident (if you don’t have one yet, or aren’t sure which number is right, don’t worry, we’ll help you figure it out)

4. Get plenty of rest and follow Dr. Eric Cheney’s orders 🙂

We’re sorry you’ve been involved in an auto accident, but we’re here to help your neck and spine get feeling better soon.

Check out some of our other posts on the subject of auto accident related injuries in Utah:

Utah Massage Therapy Gift Certificates To The Rescue

If you’re like us, you may have procrastinated your holiday shopping a little later than you had intended. Sigh. If you’re also like us, every year you promise yourself this won’t happen again. But no worries, we have a simple solution for those last minute gifts you’re trying to figure out/buy/wrap/deliver.

Massage Therapy and Chiropractic Gift Certificates.

(cue the Hallelujah Chorus)

Think about it! Massage Therapy and Chiropractic Gift Certificates are the best presents. Who doesn’t like a massage? Only a Grinch, that’s who. And a massage is a great gift for anyone involved in any of our Utah sports: skiing, snowboarding, skating, and a whole-lotta other sports that start with “S”. Plus it’s one size fits all and easy to schedule convenient appointments.

Seriously. Best. Gift. Idea. Ever.

Call us at 801-748-0056 or drop by our office at 7200 S. State Street, Midvale, Utah 84047 to reserve or pick up your gift certificate.