Chiropractic in the Movies….

Ha! Did you know Mr. Peabody was a licensed chiropractor as well? That shouldn’t be surprising based on Mr. Peabody’s expansive expertise! 


Loving the 21st Century: Balanced Health Chiropractic is on Google+

It’s true. We’ve joined the 21st century and got us a Google+ page. If you want to follow us, and find out the coolest stuff about chiropractic and stuffs in Utah, check us out at this link.

Let’s Eat Friday: Pizzeria Limone

We had the chance to check out a new restaurant in the Midvale area- Pizzeria Limone located on 1380 E Fort Union Blvd. And yes, it was really great. Pizzeria Limone specializes in individualized Italian-style pizzas. The menu is inventive- with new ingredients and combinations you haven’t likely tried (like a pizza with blackberries that will blow your mind). The environment is clean and modern- and family friendly. It was fun to go to such a nice restaurant and enjoy such great food and not feel out of place with children. And to top it all off, it was well priced.

If you’re in the neighborhood, Pizzeria Limone is definitely worth trying out. And afterwards why not pop in for a chiropractic adjustment or massage? We’re just down the street in Midvale and nothing says “relaxing lunch” like pizza and a massage 🙂

Update 9/12/2012: Another review of Pizzeria Limone was recently published in the Salt Lake Tribune. Check it out.

What to Expect at Your Balanced Health Massage Appointment

So you’ve scheduled your massage therapy appointment at our Midvale, Utah office, and are now wondering what’s next. Do I need to wear something special? How will I feel after? Will I be hooked forever?

Luckily your first massage therapy visit will be very low key and comfortable.

Before your massage therapy appointment:

  • Wear whatever you want for your massage, although comfortable clothing is recommended if you would like to stay dressed (partially or fully) for your massage.
  • Upon your arrival at our Midvale Utah office you’ll be asked to fill out paperwork regarding you’re medical history, any pain or discomfort you’re feeling, or any special instructions for your massage.
  • After meeting your massage therapist, Gretchen Cheney, you’ll be directed to our massage therapy room. You are welcome to be any state of dress during your massage- it’s up to you and your comfort levels.
  • The massage therapist will leave the room while you undress (if you so desire) and remove any jewelry that may interfere with your massage. Take off only as much as you are comfortable removing.
  • Keep in mind that your massage will be most effective when the massage therapist can touch your skin in areas they will massage. Your massage therapist will provide draping services during the massage.
  • Lay on the massage table underneath the sheets. Your massage therapist will knock and enter the room when you are ready.
During your massage therapy appointment:
  • The massage therapist will use oil or lotion on your skin during the massage to reduce drag on the skin. Please let your massage therapist know if you are allergic to oils or lotions.
  • Depending on your health and needs, the massage therapist will massage either the full body (except for private areas) or only specific areas that need attention, such as your back, neck or anywhere you have especially tight muscles.
  • Remember to breathe normally during your massage appointment and let your massage therapist know if any area needs extra attention, or if you need more or less pressure.
After your massage therapy appointment:
  • Your massage therapist will allow you to slowly get up and dress in privacy.
  • Remember that drinking extra water after your massage will aid in your muscle recovery.
And yes, once you give massages a try, you’ll be hooked!
Give us a call at our Midvale Utah office to schedule your next massage or chiropractic appointment.
Balanced Health Chiropractic and Massage
7200 S. State Street
Midvale, Utah 84047
phone: 801-748-0056
Weekend and evening massage appointments available upon request.

Accident Injury Care in Utah: Chiropractors and Massage Therapists

It can be tough deciding what Utah Chiropractor to choose after you’ve experienced an auto-accident related injury. Chances are you don’t feel that well, and you want to find a convenient office with accommodating appointments. Problem solved! Balanced Health Chiropractic and Massage specializes in providing the necessary (and gentle!) care you need to treat your auto-accident related injury. We’ll provide the necessary chiropractic care, and sometimes massage therapy care, depending on your neck or spine injury.

Here’s what you need to do to schedule your chiropractic appointment after your auto accident:

1. Contact our office at 801-748-0056 to schedule your appointment. We’ll even schedule your appointment on a weekend, evening, or during your lunch hour- whatever it takes to get you feeling better quickly.

2. Come to our office at:

44 W. 7200 S.
(the NW corner of 7200 S. State Street)
Midvale, UT 84047

3. Bring your claim number from your auto accident (if you don’t have one yet, or aren’t sure which number is right, don’t worry, we’ll help you figure it out)

4. Get plenty of rest and follow Dr. Eric Cheney’s orders 🙂

We’re sorry you’ve been involved in an auto accident, but we’re here to help your neck and spine get feeling better soon.

Check out some of our other posts on the subject of auto accident related injuries in Utah:

How Do I Know If I Have a Spinal Or Neck Injury?

Let’s check out the definition first of a Spinal or Neck injury:
Your spinal cord contains the nerves that carry messages between your brain and body. The cord passes through your neck and back. A spinal cord injury is very serious because it can cause paralysis below the site of the injury.

When someone has a spinal injury, additional movement may cause further damage to the nerves in the cord and can sometimes mean the difference between life and death.

If you think someone could possibly have a spinal injury, DO NOT move the injured person even a little bit, unless it is absolutely necessary (like getting someone out of a burning car).

If you are in doubt about whether a person has a spinal injury, assume that he or she DOES have one.

Bullet or stab wound
Direct trauma to the face, neck, head, or back (e.g., car accidents)
Diving accident
Electric shock
Extreme twisting of the trunk
Sports injury (landing on head)
Major blow to the head or chest, car accident, fall from a great height

Head held in unusual position
Numbness or tingling that radiates down an arm or leg
Difficulty walking
Paralysis of arms or legs
No bladder or bowel control
Shock (pale, clammy skin; bluish lips and fingernails; acting dazed or semi-conscious)
Stiff neck, headache, or neck pain

First Aid
The main goal is to keep the person immobile and safe until medical help arrives.

You or someone else should call 911.
Hold the person’s head and neck in the position in which they were found. DO NOT attempt to reposition the neck. Do not allow the neck to bend or twist.
Check the person’s breathing and circulation. If necessary, begin rescue breathing and CPR.
DO NOT tilt the head back when attempting to open the airway. Instead, place your fingers on the jaw on each side of the head. Lift the jaw forward.

Do not roll the person over unless the person is vomiting or choking on blood, or you need to check for breathing.

Two people are needed.
One person should be stationed at the head, the other at the person’s side.
Keep the person’s head, neck, and back in line with each other while you roll him or her onto one side.
Do Not
DO NOT bend, twist, or lift the person’s head or body.
DO NOT attempt to move the person before medical help arrives unless it is absolutely necessary.
DO NOT remove a helmet if a spinal injury is suspected.
Call immediately for emergency medical assistance if
Call you local emergency number (such as 911) if there has been any injury that affects the neck or spinal cord. Keep the person absolutely immobile. Unless there is urgent danger, keep the person in the position where he or she was found.

Wear seat belts.
Avoid drinking alcohol and driving.
Avoid diving into pools, lakes, rivers and surf, particularly if you cannot determine the depth of the water, or if the water is not clear.
Avoid motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles.
Avoid “spearing” (tackling or diving into a person with your head).

Marx JA, Hockberger RS, Walls RM, eds. Rosen’s Emergency Medicine: Concepts and Clinical Practice. 5th Ed. St. Louis, MO: Mosby; 2002.

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Article taken from: ADAM.  “Spinal/neck Injury”  16 May 2007. <>  09 January 2012.

Let’s Eat Friday: Pie Hole

We found ourselves wandering the streets of downtown Salt Lake City on Christmas Eve night wondering where we were going to find something delightful to eat. We were about to settle for the-same-old Chinese food when someone had the bright (ha! pun intended!) idea to eat at Pie Hole on 344 S. State St., Salt Lake City, Utah. Hallo! It’s pizza by the slice, it’s cheap, and they were even open until 3 AM. The food was delicious! We tried the cheese and basil/red roasted peppers with a side of garlic cheese bread sticks and it was a serious delight. The pizza crust was thin, but not soggy, and pretty darn flavorful. We’re kind of glad they sell by the slice because otherwise I would have eaten myself into an early Christmas coma. The staff was also super nice, instead of like my other experiences eating out on holidays where the staff seems to hate that you’re making them work.

So if you’re ever wandering around the downtown Salt Lake area with an empty tummy and a few dollars in your pocket, do yourself a favor and get a slice at Pie Hole.

Let’s Eat Friday: Happy Day Gourmet Popcorn

We recently had a chance to check out Happy Day Gourmet Popcorn at the most recent Yelp! Community Event at Artipelago in Milcreek, Utah. It was great event with lots of art and people, and most importantly, food samples. We fell in love with the popcorn from Happy Day Gourmet (our favorite flavor was the Thai Curry…turns out spicy popcorn is something not to be missed). Best of all their product is made from organic ingredients and highly- highly addictive.

Our recommendation: pair one of our holiday massage gift certificates with a bag of delightful popcorn. How can you go wrong with massages and treats?

Let’s Eat Friday: India House in Sandy, Utah

We enjoyed a lovely evening out with some friends lately at the local India House in Sandy, Utah. And yes, they are a delight. We enjoyed a few of our favorite masalas and of course, a some garlic naan. Truth be told, all of us over here at Balanced Health are lovers of Indian food, and India House is one of our favorites. It’s worth checking out if you’re in the Sandy, Utah area and want to eat something delicious and healthy. Another one of our favorite things about India House is the great selection of vegetarian dishes…mmm, it’s not every day we find a restaurant with an entire section for that. If you like meat, they also offer some delicious lamb and chicken options as well.

Try it out, you’ll be glad you did.

Indian spice

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The Best Chiropractor and Massage Therapists in Utah: No, Really We Are

Map of Utah highlighting Salt Lake County

Image via Wikipedia (just in case you forgot where we are 🙂

Chiropractors are easy to come by, right? There’s a lot of them around the great state of Utah, including here in our backyard of Midvale and Sandy. So who should you choose for your chiropractic needs when there are so many clinics out there?

Us! Well, of course we’re going to say you should choose Balanced Health Chiropractic & Massage, but we have good reasons:

Reasons Balanced Health Chiropractic should be your chiropractic and massage clinic:

  • Same Day and Convenient Chiropractic and Massage Appointments: Have you ever tried to get a last minute Thursday afternoon appointment just to find out your local chiropractor isn’t there on Thursday afternoons…ever? It’s pretty annoying, especially when  you’re laid up in bed with a thrown out back. Don’t dismay, Balanced Health Chiropractic and Massage will see you the same day and we’ll even stick around late at night if that’s what it takes to get our patient’s feeling better.
  • Friendly Chiropractic and Massage Therapy Staff: We’re pretty serious about being nice. We promise that if you come and visit our office we’ll make you feel comfortable and welcomed and explain everything in a way that makes sense.
  • Chiropractic Care for Auto Accident Related Injuries: You know the injuries we’re talking about, whiplash, neck and back soreness, ugh! None of it is good, and if you do have auto accident related injuries, chances are you qualify for chiropractic (and maybe even massage!) care- particularly if you’re from Utah. Seriously. We’ll file all the paperwork, you just have to provide an insurance claim number.
  • Massages from Heaven: OK, so technically are massages aren’t literally from heaven, but they feel that way. Seriously, after a massage at Balanced Health you’re going to feel super good- less stress, less tension, all the good stuff. And we offer an assortment of massage options you should try out.

Well, we have a lot more reasons we’re the best chiropractor in the Midvale Sandy area, but we’ll leave you with that for now.

Signing off for now,

Balanced Health Chiropractic & Massage
7200 S. State Street
Midvale, UT 84047