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Balanced Health is a warm, welcoming environment with a well qualified team who care about the individual needs of each patient. Auto accident injury, whiplash trauma, mid and lower back pain, neck and shoulder problems, increased competitive performance, migraine headaches, and pregnancy discomfort are just a few reasons to make an appointment at Balanced Health. We are a family chiropractic practice for those who value individualized care by a doctor and staff who listen and respond to the specific needs of each patient. Chiropractic and massage therapy are intergral components of balanced living. We are conveniently located at the corner of State Street and 7200 South. Please call 801.748.0056 or email your questions about chiropractic care to ask@getbalancedhealth.com

Chiropractic in the Movies….

Ha! Did you know Mr. Peabody was a licensed chiropractor as well? That shouldn’t be surprising based on Mr. Peabody’s expansive expertise! 


Most Affordable Chiropractor in Utah: No Really


Hi! We’re so excited about our recent chiropractic monthly memberships. If you see a chiropractor regularly (more than once a month), a Balanced Health membership is the cheapest way to go. Memberships cost $69 for individuals and $129 for family, and come with unlimited appointments. Yep. You can come once a day if you’d like (and most of our patients do!), and no appointment is necessary. Think of it as a gym membership for your spine. Just stop by our office on 7200 S. State Street, Midvale UT for a quick appointment, and you’ll be on your way in no time. You want more you say? Fine then! There are no start-up fees and you can cancel at any time. It’s easy-peasy! Swing by soon!

Baby, Children and Maternity Consignment Sale: Sandy Utah

Hi! It’s that time again! The Hillltop Spring Consignment Sale is right around the corner.

When: Friday, April 11 (9am – 8pm) & Saturday, April 12 (8am – 2pm)
Where: Hilltop United Methodist Church
             985 East 10600 South
             Sandy, UT
What: The BEST baby, children, and maternity consignment sale in Utah. It’s wall-to-wall, well-organized gently used stuffs. We never miss it! And the proceeds support good causes like Crossroads, Rescue Haven, Pregnancy Resource Center, Jordan School District and many more.

Download a flyer here for more information. 

Exercise of the Week: The {Dreaded} Burpee and How To Do Them

The Burpee:

The burpee, a funny four-step move that involves a squat, jump, and push up, is a brutal exercise. Of course the magic of it’s brutality is it’s effective nature of being a total-body move and a killer way to improve strength.

We’ve had burpees on the mind since we saw the video below on the interwebs: a woman takes a 100 burpees a day challenge, and does them for a year straight! That’s a heckuva lot of burpees! Check out her story below:

Pretty inspirational if you ask us! A couple of us have been trying these around the office, and, well, we’re sore! Very sore!

We dug up some additional tips on how to make the “dreaded” burpee a little less horrible:

We’re pretty excited about our newly-remodeled office and new monthly chiropractic membership plans for individuals and families. We hope you find this is an affordable way to pay for your chiropractic care without health insurance.

Chiropractic Monthly Membership



We’re very exited about our chiropractic monthly memberships! For a monthly fee, you’ll receive unlimited chiropractic visits- no appointment necessary. It’s like a gym membership for your spine. And much like regular gym attendance, you’ll find that regular chiropractic visits will have you feeling in tip-top shape, and keep you feeling awesome, without worrying about paying a fee every visit. Find out more on our website www.getbalancedhealth.com.

Monthly Membership Fees:

Unlimited Personal Membership = $69/month
Unlimited Family Membership = $129/month

Perks of monthly membership include:

  • Unlimited visits
  • No appointment necessary
  • Month-to-month; no long-term commitment

Office Hours

Come by our office during our convenient office hours:

Monday – Friday: 8am – 7pm
Saturday: 10am – 12pm


Still have questions? Give our office a call at 801-748-0056. We look forward to helping you feel better.