Exercise of the Week: The {Dreaded} Burpee and How To Do Them

The Burpee:

The burpee, a funny four-step move that involves a squat, jump, and push up, is a brutal exercise. Of course the magic of it’s brutality is it’s effective nature of being a total-body move and a killer way to improve strength.

We’ve had burpees on the mind since we saw the video below on the interwebs: a woman takes a 100 burpees a day challenge, and does them for a year straight! That’s a heckuva lot of burpees! Check out her story below:

Pretty inspirational if you ask us! A couple of us have been trying these around the office, and, well, we’re sore! Very sore!

We dug up some additional tips on how to make the “dreaded” burpee a little less horrible:

We’re pretty excited about our newly-remodeled office and new monthly chiropractic membership plans for individuals and families. We hope you find this is an affordable way to pay for your chiropractic care without health insurance.


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