Guest Blogger: How Oncology Massage Therapy Can Benefit Cancer Patients

Today we have a guest blogger, Melanie L. Brown, who has been research the positive effects of oncology massage for those suffering with cancer. Read below to find out more.

Learn How Oncology Massage Therapy Can Benefit Cancer Patients

Anytime a person is struggling with a major illness, both the body and the mind are subject to consistent onslaughts.  People who are battling cancer have multiple things to worry about.  These issues range from physical illness as a result of the disease itself, physical problems that are a result of cancer and mesothelioma treatments and financial and emotional issues.

Dealing with all of these things on a regular basis can deplete a person’s physical energy level and positive outlook.  Oncology massage therapy is an ideal way to begin regaining control by taking assertive action to feel better.

Discover the Benefits of Massage Therapy for All People

One of the greatest things about massages is this method of external treatment kneads tense muscles and aching joints and simply provides a form of mental and physical relaxation.  Professional masseuses use calming atmospheres, soft music and comfortable surroundings to work in.  This type of atmosphere creates the perfect setting for a person to relax and feel comfortable while the masseuse begins to alleviate stress and tension through the art of massage.

Senior citizens, athletes, working adults, and even teenagers and college students can gain significant benefits by attending a weekly massage session.  The act of a massage helps to loosen tension build-up that is commonly found around the back, shoulders, temples, neck and legs.  Massage therapy is also considered a form of mental meditation and relaxation as it gives a person an opportunity to exhale and to focus on breathing and loosening tension from the body.

Oncology Massage Treatments Provide Double Benefits to Cancer Patients

While massages can increase the quality of life for multiple people; cancer patients stand to gain the most benefits from this form of therapy.  The sheer amount of physical and emotional stress a cancer patient is typically under during an average day can cause an excess amount of tension.  This tension can lead to even poorer physical health, cause depression, and can lead to insomnia.  When a person loses sleep, it becomes more difficult to find the physical energy that is needed in order to remain strong enough to continue cancer treatments.

Radiation, chemotherapy, surgeries and other forms of treatment take a heavy toll on a person’s mental and physical health.  Being able to attend a massage treatment session at least once a week can provide much-needed relief that is important to rejuvenating the mind and the body.

Improve Physical Health and Reduce Symptoms through Massage Treatments

The US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health released an online publication that provides detailed information on how massage therapy can help to reduce symptoms in cancer patients.  In the article, quality of life increased through regular oncology massages is addressed.  Psychological health and coping mechanisms are also talked about in the article provided by the US National Library of Medicine.

The publication addresses the issue of how important it is for cancer patients to obtain and use positive coping mechanisms in order to deal with the physical and emotional stress of the disease.  Oncology massages provide the perfect form of relaxation techniques and coping techniques that gives a person with cancer a much-needed stress reduction.

These therapeutic massages can provide lasting benefits if massage treatments are used on a regular basis.  Some cancer patients may find that massage sessions once a week is enough to help them have some alone time and coping time.  In addition to relieving tension and helping to soothe aching muscles and joints, increased circulation is another benefit to people who seek out regular massage treatments.  However, if a person is under a significant amount of stress, it may be necessary to get a massage two to three times a week.

The Benefits of Taking Family and Friends Along for a Massage

Taking along family members or friends to massage treatments can be a great way to indulge in social connection with loved ones while also embracing healing therapy.  Attending massage treatments with loved ones is an ideal way to spend quality time together while also letting the worries of the disease slip away. Consult your doctor today and find a treatment that will work best for you and your cancer. If there is potential to heal your mind, body and spirit through massage therapy; why not soak up all the benefits it has to offer, go get a massage today!


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