How to Choose a Chiropractor in Salt Lake City, Utah

You have a lot of options when you seek chiropractic care. You may want to keep in mind the following:

1. Choose a chiropractor who listens: You’re the one paying for your healthcare, so take advantage of the situation and choose a chiropractor who really listens to you- not a crack-back-thank-you-‘mam kind of office. If your chiropractor isn’t taking the time to listen to you, come and find out how much better your chiropractic care can be. The doctors at Balanced Health Chiropractic take the time to listen.

2. Choose a chiropractor who lives close to home: It’s very likely that your chiropractic care will consist of several visits. It’s better if your chiropractor is located close to where you live, work, or spend time. Balanced Health Chiropractic is about as convenient as you can get in the Salt Lake valley– on the corner of 7200 South and State Street (in the same parking lot as Shane Jewelry).

3. Choose a chiropractor with the right price: Just as not all chiropractic care is equal, different chiropractors charge different amounts. Balanced Health offers a Practice Membership: a great way to keep your chiropractic heath care costs down, and it doesn’t require you to have any health insurance.

We look forward to earning your business the old fashioned way- through doctors who listen, are close to home, and charge a fair price. Call our office today at 801-748-0056 to find out more.

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