Best Chiropractic Care in Salt Lake City

Why is February a good time to finally get the chiropractor care that you need?

Good question, and for this, we have a list.

Top Ten Reasons February is the Month You See a Chiropractor at Balanced Health:

1. It’s a safe, medicine-free way to take care of the nagging back, neck, or spine pain you’ve been dealing with.

2. If you’re like so many adults (and teens and kids for that matter) you’re probably spending a lot of time sitting at a computer screen these days. This can result in all sorts of recurrent pain. Get your spine healthy and get rid of the pressure and pain you’ve been feeling every time you sit down at a computer.

3. Same day appointments are available- no need to wait for back pain relief. And you’ve probably noticed we’re conveniently located in Salt Lake City- on the corner of 7200 South and State Street.

4. Looking for an excuse for a massage? Chiropractic care plus massage can be a real game-changer- not to mention a massage feels real good.

5. Chiropractic adjustments are gentle and we promise, they don’t hurt. Let Dr. Cheney know what your comfort level is, and we’re sure you’ll walk away feeling better.

6. Chiropractic care is a very effective way to treat chronic headaches including migraines. Really.

7. Have you ever tried out a Intersegmental Traction Table? Or as we informally call them, a roller table? If the answer is no, you should.

8. If you’re worried about finding the time for your chiropractic appointments, don’t worry. You can plan on not waiting and a quick appointment at our Salt Lake office.

9. At Balanced Health we believe in a natural approach to real health. Addressing the cause rather than the symptoms, without drugs and without surgery.

and last but not least….

10. Balanced Health offers sincere, gentle care. We’re here to make you feel better and we’re sure you’ll walk away happy.

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