Salt Lake City: Valentine’s Day Chiropractic To The Rescue

Today, around the office the question “What are you doing for Valentine’s Day?” was thrown around. We’d be lying if we said a few “Ughs!” weren’t uttered in response to the question. But not this year. No, this year, Valentines Day is going to be different.


Because, friend, you can get your beloved something they really, really need: a healthy back and a good lookin’ spine with a Balanced Health Monthly Membership. It’s one of those “gifts that keep on giving” if you know what we mean, because with a monthly membership, your beloved can get unlimited adjustments with no need to set an appointment. And with our month-to-month, no long term contract approach, you can rest easy.

So stop wondering what you’ll be doing for Valentine’s Day. Give us a call at 801-748-0057 or drop by our office on the corner of 7200 South State Street in Midvale, UT to sign up.



One thought on “Salt Lake City: Valentine’s Day Chiropractic To The Rescue

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