Corporate Chair Massage Program for Utah

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What is a Chair Massage?

Chair massages are usually offered in public spaces and workplaces on a specifically-designed massage chair. The massage chair allows you to lean forward and supports the front of the body. This allows the massage therapist to massage most of the areas that need to be massaged.

Where do you offer Chair Massages in Utah?

Balanced Health Massage offers Chair Massages for your work place, corporate event, or any event where a chair massage is a desired part of the relaxing environment. Our chairs are so versatile, we can set up wherever your company can squeeze us in.

What should I wear for my massage?

Our chair massages are fully clothed. Just dress in your regular clothing.

How long do chair massages last?

Chair massages can be between 15-30 minutes. Please contact our Midvale, Utah office at 801-748-0056 to discuss pricing options.

Do you offer massage gift certificates?

We offer gift certificates your company can buy for your employees as rewards, or even for another company you do business with. Massage gift certificates are available for in-office chair massages or at our Midvale, Utah location at 7200 S. State Street.

Who do I contact for more information on your Corporate Chair Massage Programs?

Contact Dr. Eric Cheney at our Utah office at 801-748-0056 or via email at

What Utah cities do you offer your Corporate Chair Massage Program at:

  • Midvale, Utah
  • Sandy, Utah
  • Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Riverton, Utah
  • South Jordan, Utah
  • Murray, Utah
  • Bountiful, Utah
  • Lehi, Utah
  • Call for additional locations

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