Let’s Eat Friday: Blue Plate Diner in Salt Lake City, UT

For this Friday’s post we’re focusing on one of our long time favorites that we had a chance to eat at over the holidays: Blue Plate Diner. It’s a Sugarhouse classic, and it’s consistently delicious. The worst thing you have to deal with at Blue Plate is the occasional line, as it seems to get more and more word-of-mouth business.

The food covers a lot of bases from classic burgers, all sorts of breakfast entrees served all day, as well as vegan and vegetarian options. We also make sure to either have their fries (they come in shoe string, steak, or spicy wedges) or hashbrowns if we’re in the mood for breakfast food. And since we’re in Utah, we usually always have fry sauce on the side.

The ambience is pretty chill, and there are a lot of different types of people there. The staff is always cool, nice, and makes it feel pretty home-y.

Do yourself a favor and eat there, and soon.

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