Let’s Eat Friday: Pie Hole

We found ourselves wandering the streets of downtown Salt Lake City on Christmas Eve night wondering where we were going to find something delightful to eat. We were about to settle for the-same-old Chinese food when someone had the bright (ha! pun intended!) idea to eat at Pie Hole on 344 S. State St., Salt Lake City, Utah. Hallo! It’s pizza by the slice, it’s cheap, and they were even open until 3 AM. The food was delicious! We tried the cheese and basil/red roasted peppers with a side of garlic cheese bread sticks and it was a serious delight. The pizza crust was thin, but not soggy, and pretty darn flavorful. We’re kind of glad they sell by the slice because otherwise I would have eaten myself into an early Christmas coma. The staff was also super nice, instead of like my other experiences eating out on holidays where the staff seems to hate that you’re making them work.

So if you’re ever wandering around the downtown Salt Lake area with an empty tummy and a few dollars in your pocket, do yourself a favor and get a slice at Pie Hole.

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