Chiropractic and Pregnancy

Using chiropractic care to alleviate pregnancy-related symptoms has become increasingly popular, mostly because it’s natural and drug-free.

ICPA Board member (International Chiropractic Pediatric Association), Dr. Jeanne Ohm, sums up the benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy, “Chiropractic care is essential for the pregnant mother. Her systems and organs are now providing for two and their optimal function is critical for the baby’s healthy development. The mother’s spine and pelvis undergoes many changes and adaptations to compensate for the growing baby and the risk of interference to her nervous system is increased. Specific chiropractic care throughout pregnancy works with enhancing nervous system function providing greater health potential for both the mother and baby.”

One specific advantage of chiropractic care during pregnancy addresses baby’s who are presenting breech through the Webster Technique.  The Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics reported in the July/August 2002 issue an 82% success rate of babies turning vertex when doctors of chiropractic used the Webster Technique.  The Webster Technique was developed by Larry Webster D.C., founder of ICPA.  The Webster Technique enables chiropractors to establish balance in the pregnant woman’s pelvis.  The balanced woman’s pelvis has been clinically shown to allow for optimal fetal positioning.

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